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The Natives are Restless Tonight

A simple set of rules to enable you to play a Colonial siege game. The examples in the rules show a Boxer Rebellion game but I have run French Foreign Legion and Zulu War games with them.

The Natives are Restless Tonight Quick  Reference Sheet by Ed Mueller.

Boxer Rebellion Action Cards for The Natives are Restless Tonight.

Zulu War Action Cards for The Natives are Restless Tonight V2.0 (multi-based figures).

Alien Invasion

The rules for my Alien Invasion game. Also included are five sample factions, a four player scenario and a full set of Action cards for the game. Current version is v1.2

QRS for Crossfire

A Quick reference sheet for Crossfire.


Complete rules for dungeon adventures by Craig Cartmell

Mad Mage Milo is an introductory adventure written by me for the Dungeoneer! rules

Silent Invader's Zombie rules

These are the rules Silent Invader uses for his zombie games (120k pdf):

Making WWII Buildings from cork board

An illustrated article giving the measurements and construction details for simple WWII buildings.

Making Inner City buildings from cork board

An illustated article showing the construction method for making Generic Inner City buildings from cork board.

Making Dungeon Components

An illustrated article showin how to construct simple Dungeon elements from balsa wood.

Making Hills for Wargames

An illustrated article on how to make durable rolling terrain for your tabletop


Making a Wild West board on a budget.

The Defence of Duffer's Drift

A classic in small unit tactics in the British and U.S. Army, I recommend this small book, without qualification, to the modern professional soldier.

Little Wars by H.G. Wells

Here is the full text of H.G. Well's book Little Wars with an appendix on Kriegspiel.

Sun Tzu ~ The Art of War

The Oldest Military Treatise in the World

A Chinese Account of the Boxer Rebellion

Excerpted from George Lynch, The War of the Civilizations, Being the Record of a "Foreign Devil's" Experiences with the Allies in China. London: Longmans, 1900.

Fei Ch'i-hao: The Boxer Rebellion, 1900

Fei Ch'i-hao was a Chinese Christian. Here he recounts the activities of the millenialist "Boxers" in the Boxer Rebellion of 1900.

Interview with WWII German Snipers

This article first appeared in the official Austrian military publication called TRUPPENDIENST (Troop Service) in the year 1967 and was written by an Austrian Army Officer, Captain Hans Widhofner.

Flashing Blades Combat Cards

A set of cards for use with FGU's Swashbuckling RPG Flashing Blades.

Hearts & Minds

A short comic strip I did many years ago.

The Long Tomorrow

An out of print comic strip by Dan O'Bannon and Moebius. (Contains adult material)

'Angels sang out in an immaculate chorus, down from the heavens descended Chuck Norris, who delivered a kick which could shatter bones, into the crotch of Indiana Jones.'
-(The ultimate showdown of ultimate destiny) Lemon Demon